Telecom Lithium Battery


Sixpack has a range of smart lithium battery solutions to support you in solving telecom battery problems. With our extensive expertise and manufacturing experience, we provide safe and reliable energy backup products and solutions to our global customers, helping them to reduce operational costs and reduce their carbon footprint.


Remote Management
Embedded intelligent real-time monitoring system compatible with Bluetooth, SNMP, RS484/RS232, Ethernet, etc.
  Plug And Play
Simply connect the battery to the cable and power on, and all configuration and testing will be done automatically.
 Structure and system design for external environment such as extreme temperature and humidity to ensure the durability and resilience of equipment use.
Maintenance-free batteries that can be remotely controlled and monitored for real-time battery status.
Maintenance Free

Environmentally Friendly

Our lithium batteries are fully recyclable and meet all RoHS, WEEE and REACH requirements using low carbon manufacturing methods and environmentally friendly materials.

Maintenance Free

Customization Support

Sixpack offers a premium selection of lithium battery combinations and customization services for all telecom applications for 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V systems, including batteries and racks.

Maintenance Free

Wide Range Of Support

Whether it’s technical support, product customization, after-sales service, or installation guidance, sixpack has a team of professional engineers to provide optimal solutions according to your needs.

Maintenance Free


The products are fully tested and safety verified and certified, with built-in intelligent ACE BMS management system, high performance packaged batteries, and high IP-rated design for various harsh environments.


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Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Sixpack team is willing to serve the client and strive for excellence. The engineering and technical team, which is composed of senior engineers as the core, dedicated to providing the highest level of safety and reliability products.

Quality Product

Quality Product

Each product will go through meticulous designing and skillful manufacturing as well as complete testing of all cells, modules, packs and finished products. All products should be GERMAN STANDARD oriented in Sixpack.



With over 18 years of experiences in PCM & BMS development and battery manufacturing, Sixpack is able to develop sophisticated products and cooperate with many well-known enterprise. At present, SixPack has become a synonym for high standard in battery industry.

Still Have Questions?

One -to-one communication with Sixpack's professional technical engineers, quick response within a few hours, we will provide the most suitable suggestions and solutions according to your needs.

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