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Sixpack provides customers with high quality home energy storage batteries through cutting-edge battery technology to help them cope with energy problems and save energy costs. We are trusted by our customers for our R&D technology and manufacturing experience, and also favored for our high quality and reliable home battery products.


Long Cycle
More than 3000 cycles with over 90% depth of discharge (DoD).
The Smart Management Module (SMM) automatically manages power distribution during power outages to ensure critical loads remain powered.
Lithium Battery
High charging and discharging efficiency, more capacity storage, which helps to collect more energy and create more value.
The product software and hardware are completely tested for safety, and the intelligent BMS provides a variety of circuit protection.
Holistic Design

Holistic Design

From durable and safe lithium batteries, intelligent BMS, real-time monitoring and measurement technology, inverters to the exterior design, sixpack provides a complete system.

Everything is designed to improve system performance and cost effectiveness, based on the most perfect configuration, these batteries have a longer service life and higher safety.

home energy storage

Wide Range Of Support

Whether it’s technical support, product customization, after-sales service, or installation guidance, sixpack has a team of professional engineers to provide optimal solutions according to your needs.



From the selection of Li-ion battery cells, structural design, BMS solutions, selection of parts to standardized production, performance and safety are the things we are most concerned about.

All energy storage solutions have undergone strict safety tests and comply with international standards.

Smart battery Module

Smart battery Module

7/24h real-time monitoring.
Fault Warning and Analysis System.
Smart Management Module (SMM).
Remote Battery Monitoring.


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  • Voltage
  • Capacity
  • Rated Energy
  • Working Voltage
  • Communication
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  • Weight
  • Protection Level


Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Sixpack team is willing to serve the client and strive for excellence. The engineering and technical team, which is composed of senior engineers as the core, dedicated to providing the highest level of safety and reliability products.

Quality Product

Quality Product

Each product will go through meticulous designing and skillful manufacturing as well as complete testing of all cells, modules, packs and finished products. All products should be GERMAN STANDARD oriented in Sixpack.



With over 18 years of experiences in PCM & BMS development and battery manufacturing, Sixpack is able to develop sophisticated products and cooperate with many well-known enterprise. At present, SixPack has become a synonym for high standard in battery industry.

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One -to-one communication with Sixpack's professional technical engineers, quick response within a few hours, we will provide the most suitable suggestions and solutions according to your needs.

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