Robotic Battery

Sixpack provides custom battery packs for robotic equipment and driverless vehicles. Working with sixpack’s team of engineers, we have extensive experience developing and manufacturing robotic batteries to help you solve any project questions.

About Robotic Battery

Robots and driverless devices are the future. Whether in industry, services, healthcare, defense and security, robots are playing an increasingly important role.

Many robots are battery-powered, so the need and demand for batteries is increasing. Robots and unmanned devices can operate in extreme temperatures, water and humidity, oil, dust, debris, shock, vibration and other harsh environments, while placing severe demands on the power supply system.

Therefore, batteries that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and have accurate measurement and intelligent management of key factors such as voltage, current, and temperature are a must.

Robotic Battery



Battery pack protection

IP66 level protection design to avoid battery damage by different factors.


Power monitoring

Adopt adaptive algorithm to accurately measure battery power.


Real-time monitoring

Real-time collection, processing and storage of important data during the operation of the battery pack.


Encryption coding

Protect core code and data security, reduce failure rate and ensure stable operation.


History logging

Monitor and store the battery’s history file to analyze and evaluate the battery status at any time.


Longer use time

Higher capacity, maintain rated voltage and power output even under deep discharge.

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Medical robots, cleaning robots, service robots, driverless vehicles, industrial robots, police and fire rescue robots, AGVs, RGVs, home robotic devices, special robots, etc.

With 18 years of design, development and manufacturing experience, sixpack designs special BMS for robots with different needs, providing safety protection, data statistics and intelligent management for battery packs.

At the same time, considering the extreme temperature, dirt, debris, shock and vibration that robots usually encounter in their working environment, our battery packs are rigorously designed and manufactured to ensure that they can handle the harshest environmental conditions.



Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Sixpack team is willing to serve the client and strive for excellence. The engineering and technical team, which is composed of senior engineers as the core, dedicated to providing the highest level of safety and reliability products.

Quality Product

Quality Product

Each product will go through meticulous designing and skillful manufacturing as well as complete testing of all cells, modules, packs and finished products. All products should be GERMAN STANDARD oriented in Sixpack.



With over 18 years of experiences in PCM & BMS development and battery manufacturing, Sixpack is able to develop sophisticated products and cooperate with many well-known enterprise. At present, SixPack has become a synonym for high standard in battery industry.

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