Motivation & contribution, Forklift most attraction. With more stable performance and shorter charging times than lead-acid batteries, lithium battery technology allows you to charge your batteries at any time of opportunity, improving equipment efficiency and saving money!


Better Productivity
Longer run-times and zero decline in performance
Zero Maintenance
No need to zero maintenance, save maintenance time and costs
Weather Resistant
Fully sealed unit to withstand harsh environmental conditions
Long life
More than 2500 cycles have more than twice the life of lead-acid batteries
Maintenance Free

Opportunity Charging

Lithium batteries can be left in the car while connected to the charger; they do not require a separate charging station or charging room.

In addition, you can charge at any time and any break is an opportunity to recharge the lithium battery.

Maintenance Free

More Safety

Sixpack’s batteries have a higher stability and they are able to operate stably in more demanding external environments.

In addition, it has a variety of built-in protection features: overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, overheat protection, short circuit protection, etc.

Maintenance Free

Cost Savings

Less unplanned downtime, low internal resistance and charging losses, consuming less energy to deliver more power.

Maximize power plant efficiency and reduce maintenance and battery costs

Maintenance Free


10 years design life and perfect after-sales guarantee. Regardless of the battery model, we will provide you with warranty and after-sales service.


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Dedicated Team

Dedicated Team

Sixpack team is willing to serve the client and strive for excellence. The engineering and technical team, which is composed of senior engineers as the core, dedicated to providing the highest level of safety and reliability products.

Quality Product

Quality Product

Each product will go through meticulous designing and skillful manufacturing as well as complete testing of all cells, modules, packs and finished products. All products should be GERMAN STANDARD oriented in Sixpack.



With over 18 years of experiences in PCM & BMS development and battery manufacturing, Sixpack is able to develop sophisticated products and cooperate with many well-known enterprise. At present, SixPack has become a synonym for high standard in battery industry.

Still Have Questions?

One -to-one communication with Sixpack's professional technical engineers, quick response within a few hours, we will provide the most suitable suggestions and solutions according to your needs.

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