Advantages and disadvantages of solar photovoltaic panels

Advantages and disadvantages of solar photovoltaic panels

By Sixpack | October 8th 2022

4 advantages and 3 disadvantages of solar PV panels that you should know.

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Advantages and disadvantages of solar photovoltaic panels





1.Protection of the environment.

With the mining, extraction and transportation of fossil energy sources, many regions are experiencing serious geological and ecological problems, and the prolonged use of fossil energy generates large amounts of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, resulting in melting glaciers, rising sea levels and increasing global temperatures, posing a serious threat to humans and other plants and animals. In contrast, solar energy is clean, easily accessible and environmentally friendly.


2.Energy independence

A reliable home energy storage system is necessary due to severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, typhoons, inadequate power supply due to aging electrical circuits, or rapidly rising electricity costs in areas with uncontrollable blackout winds, where a solar energy system can provide you with continuous power in an emergency.



As a renewable energy source, solar energy has a wide range of application, no geographical or spatial restrictions, can be developed and utilized directly, is easy to collect, and does not produce harmful gases or waste. It is a sustainable and green energy source.



4.Low maintenance costs

The structure of solar panels is not complicated, the manufacturing process is mature, almost no failure, but also does not require constant maintenance to ensure stable operation.

Currently, the service life of solar panels is 25 years or more, so it is very low maintenance cost but can bring a long time power supply.




1.Low conversion efficiency

At present, the conversion efficiency of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells is 13% to 17%, and amorphous silicon photovoltaic cells are only 5% to 8%.

Because the photoelectric conversion efficiency is too low. Therefore, the power density of photovoltaic power generation is low and it is difficult to provide power for high power appliances. However, with inverters and batteries, this problem can be solved.



2.Highly influenced by weather

Solar panel energy from the sun, the sun’s light intensity and time determine the power supply. Therefore, in cloudy and rainy days will affect the power generation status.


3.Time constraints

Photovoltaic power generation can only work during the day time when the sun is available, and can not provide electricity at night.

But if you have a home energy storage system to store the power during the day through the storage battery, then you can also enjoy the power at night.

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